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Now let’s pressure Congress to vote pro-life

With a conservative majority in the House and the Senate, now we can push pro-life legislation across the finish line and into law.

It’s time for Washington to listen to the thousands of Americans marching on the National Mall and the millions of Americans who vote pro-life. This requires you to stand up, be vocal in defending life, and join Heritage Action for America as we:

Pressure lawmakers to fulfill their conservative promises by enacting a bold conservative policy agenda based on our 192-page “Opportunity for All” plan that includes policies which protect the lives of the unborn;

Mobilize grassroots conservatives to pressure congressional leadership to vote with conservatives on every major issue, including ending abortion, repealing Obamacare, limiting government overreach, and more;

Track every lawmaker’s key votes, including major pro-life votes, on our conservative Scorecard, which Congressmen fear and conservative leaders call the “gold standard” in accountability;

Heritage Action is prepared to lead the charge and make D.C. listen. With your support for Heritage Action, you can ensure Congress feels the pressure to defend the lives of the unborn and vote pro-life.

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