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By renewing your support for Heritage Action for America for 2017, you will help us force lawmakers to fulfill their promises.

Now, with Republicans in control, we have a great opportunity to pass conservative legislation that makes life better for all Americans. We can’t lose momentum and we won’t accept excuses.

As a 2016 Heritage Action supporter, you strengthened the conservative grassroots army. And in 2017, we will need your help to see victories through.

What you did this past year

With your support in 2016, Heritage Action has built a massive conservative grassroots infrastructure and laid the groundwork for key policy victories in 2017.

Led by our more than 17,000 elite Sentinel activists, our 500,000 grassroots activists are fighting for conservative victories across the country.

In Washington, our legislative team fought and won key battles to: get Congress to send an Obamacare repeal bill to President Obama; keep the Senate strong against confirming Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court; defeat a budget busting House spending bill; and more. These past wins all paved the way for conservative policy victories in 2017.

Crucial battles lie ahead

2016 laid the groundwork for even bigger and more important battles for 2017. We are on the cusp of major victories for your conservative beliefs. Now we must:

  • Build momentum to pass significant conservative legislation on issues like Obamacare, national security, education reform, tax reform, and protecting religious liberty. We will work with the new Congressional leadership and grade lawmaker votes on our influential conservative Scorecard.
  • Drive the Trump transition team in a conservative direction. We will widely disseminate Heritage’s Mandate for Leadership policy recommendations to the new leaders.
  • Apply maximum pressure to bear on lawmakers to enact your conservative principles. We will expand our network of elite Sentinel grassroots activists, with a goal of having 40,000 nationwide by 2020.

2017 can be a year of historic victories for conservatives, for your ideas, and more importantly, for our nation…but we can’t do it without you.

Conservative victories are impossible without you

Your support provides us with the means to win conservative victories.

You are the reason congressional conservatives can drain the swamp and reclaim America!

Together, we can make a huge impact in 2017 — but we have to start now. Please renew your support for conservative victories.

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