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Now, you are one of us! You’re part of a rapidly growing grassroots movement that won’t stand for “business as usual” in Washington, DC. By authorizing Heritage Action to act on your behalf, you’ve taken a significant step to ensure that the Congressmen represent your views and vote to restore conservative principles in Washington.

Here’s what we’re going to do for you:

  • Make sure that your conservative Congressman “walks the walk”.

Far too often, conservative politicians say one thing on the campaign trail and another thing when they get to Capitol Hill. You should be able to trust that your Congressmen do what they say they will do – and we’ll make sure to remind them of the hundreds of thousands of conservatives who they represent.

  • Make sure that your conservative Congressmen vote conservative on crucial legislation

It’s not enough just to “get elected” – your conservative Congressmen must take action. We’ll make sure that your Congressmen actually shows up and votes on the bills that represent your principles.

  • Force conservative Congressmen to become even more conservative.

Our Congressional Scorecard rates Congressmen on their voting record. It also provides a helpful “report card”, so that if a conservative Congressman doesn’t follow through on his principles, we’ll know immediately – and remind them of the principled citizens he represents.

But there’s one more thing you can do…

Your donation to Heritage Action today will expand these critical efforts in 2016. Your gift will:

  • Strengthen the conservative grassroots “ground game” with 14 strategically placed full-time regional coordinators and by building our activist presence to cover 301 congressional districts – enough for a veto-proof majority for conservatives.
  • Counter liberal special interest groups. The new Sentinel Doctors and Sentinel Business Owners groups will directly challenge special interest groups such as the American Medical Association and the Chamber of Commerce, which routinely champion big government.
  • Keep the pressure on Congress and battle Big Government every day with our team on Capitol Hill.

Your gift helps hold Washington politicians accountable…and it’s working. The sudden resignation of former Speaker John Boehner last fall shows the power of Heritage Action. Thanks to principled conservatives like you, Heritage Action mobilized the outside grassroots pressure needed to make Boehner fear a “no confidence” vote on his leadership, and force his tearful good-bye.

With your support, we can make sure that the Congressmen you elect represent you on Capitol Hill.

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