Because of the overwhelming response from conservatives like you, we have increased our online Liberty Brigade membership goal to 800 1,200.

Conservatives cannot afford to give liberals even one inch

The battle over conservative ideas is a constant and permanent fight.

Each day liberals scheme new ways to expand government . . . spend more of your money . . . and regulate more of your life.

That means our work at Heritage Action is non-stop. That makes it all the more important for us to have a dedicated source of funding so we can thwart their agenda and enact principled, conservative legislation.

We cannot let down our guard. Our nation’s future is on the line.

That’s where you come in

This month, Heritage Action established the Liberty Brigade, a group of our nation’s most principled conservatives. Like you, they recognize the need for a permanent fight for conservative ideas and constant pressure on lawmakers to vote for conservative laws.

Our goal is to recruit 550 800 1,200 members of the Liberty Brigade by midnight on Monday, July 1.

Members of the Liberty Brigade pledge to give a monthly gift to Heritage Action on their credit card.

Here’s what joining the Liberty Brigade will mean

  • You’ll enable us to spend dramatically less on fundraising–because we’ll send you less mail–and to advance your conservative principles in every Congressional districts and on Capitol Hill
  • You’ll give us reliable revenue every single month, enabling us to hold lawmakers to account no matter what the liberals spring on us
  • You’ll allow us to remain on the front lines of the battle for freedom in communities across America

With your monthly support we can continue our efforts . . . holding lawmakers accountable . . . laying the groundwork for a conservative grassroots army that can fight in upcoming political fights and elections . . . and shaping the debate with aggressive ads like those we ran this month to derail the farm bill.

We truly cannot fight as we do for your conservative principles without your support. That is why the Liberty Brigade is paramount to our success.

Play your part in America’s future by joining the Liberty Brigade today

Join hundreds of other loyal conservatives as an inaugural member of the Liberty Brigade by making your monthly contribution using the form below.

When you join, you will join with every American who will not endure the way our country is heading. You are standing up for real change and you will not back down until conservative principles win the day.

But our impact and influence hinges on one thing — your support.

In order for us to have maximum legislative impact, we need you to join the Liberty Brigade today. Your monthly gift equips us to stand for the principles that made our nation great, and to defeat the plans that will drive us into ruin.

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