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Your petition along with those of thousands of Americans adds the weight we need to pressure lawmakers to act on behalf of the American people and opposing the left’s radical plan to draft women.

Politicians who claim to be conservative should put their money where their mouth is and actually vote for conservative legislation that will shrink government and restore our freedom as Americans. Heritage Action for America was created to make that happen.

The Washington Establishment is feeling the heat and liberal media is taking notice… After Boehner’s resignation, the Washington Post called us “the most prominent conservative activist group,” while the New York Times dubbed us the “architects of the right-leaning movement.”

Now more than ever we must make the Senate act

Will you help Heritage Action make the Senate see the light? Together, you and Heritage Action can achieve great victories. Together let’s force votes that cut taxes, stop wasteful spending, repeal Obamacare, secure America’s borders and rebuild our national security! The Washington Establishment chokehold on our nation MUST END.

Without Heritage Action and our over 400,000 grassroots activists, politicians are liable to say anything to get reelected because it’s an election year. It’s up to us to keep them honest—we’ll make them make conservative promises in 2016 and then keep them in 2017.

And with your donation, you will equip a growing conservative grassroots army—a permanent ground game that keeps the pressure on lawmakers even when it’s not an election year.

And with your support, Heritage Action for America will hold lawmakers accountable to your conservative principles.

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